Andrew Marks is a self-confessed nerd. He’s been working online almost since before there was an online, and more than 20 years of web development and online marketing experience, he is a wealth of knowledge and experience.

When he isn’t working as a freelance developer – helping small business get online, and designing custom solutions for the big end of town – Andrew runs workshops and webinars for non-nerds, bringing them up to speed with what’s possible in today’s online environment. What makes Andrew such a popular presenter is his ability to explain otherwise complex internet concepts in layman’s terms. Participants in his workshops and webinars always leave inspired by the new skills they’ve learned.

Andrew grew up in the outback and has lived all over Queensland. The Marks family got their first personal computer – an Apple II – in 1983 (when Andrew was just 6 years old) while living in Normanton, a small town in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Before he’d learned to spell at school, Andrew was writing programs in BASIC on that dinosaur of a computer.

Always an early adopter, Andrew had a dial-up internet connect and email address in the early 90s, he bought his first domain name in the mid 90s and was gainfully employed building websites by the late 90s.

Since that time, Andrew has worked in a number of roles, for businesses large and small. These roles have encompassed everything from tech support to systems administration, custom development through to graphic design, SEO to business integration.

In 2007, Andrew discovered WordPress, and with a programming history in PHP dating back to 2000, he was immediately drawn to the popular content management system. Since that time, the vast majority of websites Andrew has built has been done so using the WordPress framework. He has become an expert at developing custom themes and plugins for his customers.

He recently moved out to Brisbane’s northern suburbs where he lives with his girlfriend (now wife) Emma and their two Labradors, Molly and Dudley. In 2017, Andrew and Emma welcomed their daughter Elsie into the world.